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  • Provide Engineering, Project & Construction Management for multiple terminals, in addition to due diligence evaluation, data management, technical evaluation of assets, and risk assessment.

  • Project Crawfish – Full project management as owner PM through the project lifecycle, as well as full-discipline engineering and construction management services. Project included refurbishment and conversion of three existing out-of-service API 653 tanks to methanol and methyl acrylate, 12,000 LF of stainless and carbon steel rack piping, pumps, and tie-ins to existing rail spots and dock in an existing brownfield terminal. St. Charles Parish, LA.

  • Tank Reactivation Project – Project management as owner PM, as well as full-discipline engineering design for refurbishment and conversion of four existing out-of-service API 653 tanks, interconnecting rack piping, and pumps in an existing brownfield terminal. St. Charles Parish, LA.

  • Full-discipline engineering and design for various tank and piping upgrade projects for Freeport, St. Charles, and Plaquemines terminals, as well as Oracle project controls interface, procurement services, and venture-level cost management.

  • Propionic Acid Tank Project – Full-discipline engineering and design of two new 25k bbl stainless-steel tanks, pump manifold, and rack piping in an existing brownfield facility. Texas City, TX.

  • Ethanol Pump Station Project – Full-discipline engineering and design of two new ethanol pumps and associated rack piping, connecting existing rail system in an existing brownfield facility. Texas City, TX.

  • Hydraulic and surge study of isopropyl alcohol, propionic acid, and ethanol lines. Sizing of surge relief valve, meter skid, and pump design. Texas City, TX.

  • Electrical evaluation of existing facility, including arc flash study, short circuit analysis, and load flow analysis. Texas City, TX.

  • Brownsville Terminal – full discipline engineering and design for a greenfield refined product storage terminal (PSM), including 10 storage tanks, 5 truck bays, butane blending system, and 3 pipelines connecting the terminal to a new barge dock. Brownsville, TX.

  • Godley Pump Station – Installation of a new inlet meter skid with dual meter runs, two new 600 (HP) pumps, tie-ins from Godley Plant and Enlink, and two 8" Ansi 600 Pig Traps.

  • Brazos Pump Station - Size and install a new Surge Relief System and Horizontal Pressure Vessel to store the potential surge, as well as replacement of two existing 900 HP pumps with two new 1250 HP pumps and a new VFD.

  • Cushing Terminal – full discipline engineering and design for existing tank farm interconnection, including pump replacement, new VFDs, upgrade of existing system to ANSI 300, and connection to a new Centurion meter and control station. Cushing, OK. 

  • Medford Fractionator Tie-In – Full discipline engineering and design for a new meter station, including horizontal filters, metering skids, and approximately 1,200 LF of 20” brownfield plant piping and pipe rack. Medford, OK. 

  • OMBS Fractionator Tie-In Station – Full discipline engineering and design for a new meter station tying into the existing OMBS facility, including horizontal filters, ESD, metering skids, and approximately 5,000 LF of 24” plant and rack piping in the existing OMBS frac facility. Mont Belvieu, TX.

  • Program Management and Engineering for rail offload, balance of plant piping and storage tank facilities (PSM), ship and barge loading, and offloading in an existing out-of-service brownfield facility. Project included refurbishment of eight existing 250k bbl tanks and interconnecting piping. St. James Parish, LA. $160MM TIC.

  • Palangana Energy Park – Cavern leaching facility, power generation facility (30 MW), truck and rail loading facilities, pumps and metering. Salt dome storage and connectivity for NGLs, crude and natural gas. Duval County, TX.

  • Houston Ship Channel Pipeline Laterals, 2-16” and 1-12” systems tying into an existing brownfield facility. Houston, TX.

  • Shell/Colex terminal station facilities FEED, hydraulics, PFD’s, General Arrangements, Load Analysis. Houston, TX.

  • POTAC Corpus Christi Terminal – FEED And full-discipline engineering and design for terminal laterals, meter skids, nine Corpus Christi Ship channel HDD crossings, system hydraulics, surge analysis and stress analysis for crude oil, gasoline and diesel systems. Corpus Christi, TX.

  • Ethane, Propane and Ethylene Pump Stations – Full discipline engineering, procurement, and design for three ethane pump stations, including system hydraulics and surge analysis.

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