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The JTAM value proposition focuses on one primary target – project planning.  Achieving maximum value is the result of creating and executing the right plan.


Applying a proven strategy, JTAM confirms key stakeholder objectives, itemizes a comprehensive execution strategy, substantiates asset selections, applies proven project controls, and executes with discipline to achieve the desired outcome.  This development approach sets projects up for success, safeguards transparency, and fosters value-creation, ensuring both JTAM and our clients control accountability across all phases of the project lifecycle. 


Control is the result of discipline and attention to detail. Establishing a comprehensive plan, consistent across Scope, Costs and Schedule empowers the project team to execute proactively and not reactively; this drives efficiency and captures value. JTAM’s keen focus on immediate response to client needs, coupled with ensuring project team control, is a pillar of our value proposition to clients.


JTAM is privileged to serve top tier industry leaders. Our history of repeat-business is a testament to the success our value proposition offering.

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